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Graphic and Web Design, Portland, Oregon

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Web Design

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contact me

Please email me for inquiries: meg[at]meganmcfarland[dot]com



Thank you for visiting my site!
If you have any questions about my work or anything else you see here,
please feel free to contact me. You can also get a better feel for what I like to call
my “patchwork professional” life, by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

And now for the fun stuff…
Design is just one of my many loves. I also love the 9 chickens
living in my front yard, along with the white, brown, and green eggs they lay daily.
I love cooking and baking (especially with eggs!), bread, berries, and black coffee.
I like to dabble with photography, fiddle on the piano, and go hiking or backpacking
as often as possible. Some things I wish happened more often in my life are:
fishing, traveling, writing, deep theological/philosophical/sociological
discussions, and…cat-napping.

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